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BlackLab's Australian Made options 


Paul has always been a proud supporter of Australian Made products and has ensured that BlackLab Solar has a diverse range of Australian Made products that we install & support.


The Selectronic SP Pro multimode battery inverter is the best of it's type in the world. 

It competes with SMA and Victron who make similar multimode inverters, but it totally blows them out of the water in every way.  

Visit the Selectronic website to find out more.


Catch Power

We love the Catch Power load control devices which help us manage loads on and off the grid.  In fact, these days most of our installations use a Catch product.  Check out our blog on Load Control

Catch Power - Catch Relay


Green Catch water heater controller


Solar Analytics

The best all round monitoring solution.  Hardware made by WattWatchers (Another Australian company) and the software that makes it special is made by Solar Analytics.  You will not find a better monitoring solution for total energy management at a site, whether you have solar or not.  It works everywhere and with any solar system.

Solar Analytics

BlackLab Solar uses local fabricators to produce inverter covers and custom cable ducts.  We also make an effort to use Australian made cables, switchboard accessories, solar conduits, glands and fittings.  It is actually possible for us to install an entire grid connect or off grid system using nothing but Australian made products.  Usually we use a majority of Australian made products in an installation, particularly for off grid sites, but we always use 100% the best products for the job.

Inverter Sun Protector custom made for BlackLab Solar in Mudgee
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