About BlackLab 

BlackLab Solar focuses on high quality products, installations and ongoing service.  We believe the day the installation is complete is the beginning of our relationship with the customer.

BlackLab is owned by Paul Deegan, a licenced electrician with over 20 years experience & holds accreditation from the Clean Energy Council in all areas of solar.  This level of professionalism is carried right through the operation, from the design and quoting stage, through to after sales help and advice.  When you call BlackLab solar you talk directly with Paul, who has a technical background, studying electrical engineering at university, working as a commercial fixed wing pilot for 10 years and who's passionately focussed on solar technology.  Paul lives off grid and understands what is happening 'under the hood' of a solar installation.  

All BlackLab solar installations are monitored by us.  If a problem develops we will know about it & have it rectified without the customer needing to worry. (The most common & expected types of issues arising with systems are grid or internet connectivity). Our high level of monitoring is to ensure the customer is getting what they paid for.  All of our installations are custom designs with collaboration from you, the end user.  There is no "one size fits all" approach.  

BlackLab Solar does not sub contract to any other solar company.  We do not use sub contractors or service other solar systems installed by other companies.  We will make exceptions where the installing company no longer exists and further help is required.  BlackLab Solar focuses on brand new installations, additions to your current system & providing support and warranty to our customers.

All too often we are called to help with pre existing solar installations; and too often the retail company no longer exists, the credited installer lives in another state & the person who physically installed the system is no where to be found. Left behind, is a poorly installed collection of low quality products with no paperwork, no monitoring and no warranty. 


With BlackLab Solar the experience starts on the day the installation is complete.  We are about good experiences that are long lasting.

        "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"  - Benjamin Franklin


Paul Deegan

General Manager, Electrical & Solar techie

The BlackLab


ABN:24 638 492 510

Lic # 347459c

CEC accreditation # A2140687

Paul Deegan

a: 2 Clubhouse Rd Rylstone NSW 2849